Local Experiences

Activities in Amalfi Coast, Salerno and Cilento

Live incredible experiences with the locals.

Learn the secrets of the italian traditions: Cooking and Pizza Class, Pottery Class, Typical Ape Tours, Wine and Foods Tasting

Pizza Class in Salerno

Local Experience • Discovering Local Traditions

Local Experiences will allow you to savor local cuisine, rich in Mediterranean flavors and fresh products, and immerse yourself in cultural traditions passed down for generations. In Salerno, on the Amalfi Coast and in Cilento, every moment becomes an opportunity to create indelible memories in a context of timeless beauty.

Live a unique experience in total freedom and take home an indelible memory.

Whether it’s a walk among the olive groves, a traditional cooking class or a visit to local wineries, the authenticity of these experiences will make you feel an integral part of the vibrant local culture.

You will discover ancient craftsmanship techniques and be fascinated by the mastery of local artisans as they create unique works of art.

We will take you to discover the fascinating local traditions.
We will immerse ourselves in authentic culture where traditions have been proudly preserved for generations.
We will take you through lively local markets, where you can savor traditional delicacies and appreciate the craftsmanship of local producers.