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Check and select one (or more) Amalfi Coast Cruises and enjoy the incredible beauties of Campania directly from the sea.

Thanks to our collection of tours you will discover the villages of the Divine Coast, the caves and the beaches in the morning, or you will spend your time on board at sunset, tasting local foods and wines.

Amalfi Coast Positano Boat tour
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Boat cruises along the Amalfi Coast offer an unforgettable experience among breathtaking landscapes, crystal clear waters and picturesque coastal villages.

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Our Cruises by Ship in Amalfi Coast are Cheaper Shared Cruises in Amalfi Coast by small ship, perfect for individual and groups

Cheaper Cruises by Ship in Amalfi Coast

Romantic sunset cruises to fully enjoy the magic of the Amalfi Coast in the evening. Often combined with aperitifs, wine tastings and tastings on board.

Sunset boat Tour in Amalfi Coast

Visit the Amalfi Coast aboard our luxury boats. Spend an exclusive day full of comfort and elegance.

Luxury Boat Tour in Amalfi Coast

Boat Cruise in Amalfi Coast

You can decide to spend an entire day on the boat, aboard our brand new gozzo boat, with swimming stops along the way and stops on land in Amalfi and Positano with skipper and crew.

For this type we offer you the possibility of sharing the cruise on the Amalfi Coast with other guests, optimizing the cost, or renting the boat and its crew, all to yourself and spending the day with your family or friends.

If, however, your priority is to visit the Amalfi Coast on land using the fast crossing for travel, choose the ship cruise solution with a combined ticket with the possibility of deciding the duration of the excursion and the time spent in Amalfi and Positano.