Dolce Vita Italian Style Tour

Dolce Vita Tours

our tours Dolce Vita italian style in Amalfi Coast

Welcome to the ultimate Amalfi Coast experience! Enjoy your stay and immerse yourself in the Dolce Vita style in Amalfi Coast with our tours.

Classic Vespa and Ape Calessino Tours, Exclusive Cruises by boat and Lunch and DInner on the beach in Amalfi Coast.

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Dolce Vita Tours on the Amalfi Coast

Vespa Tours
Experience the thrill of riding a classic Vespa along the stunning Amalfi Coast. Our Vespa tours offer a unique way to explore the winding coastal roads, providing breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and picturesque towns. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, our guides will ensure a safe and unforgettable journey through the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ape Calessino Tours
Discover the charm of the Amalfi Coast in an iconic Ape Calessino. These three-wheeled vehicles, known for their vintage appeal, provide a cozy and fun way to navigate the narrow streets and scenic routes of the coast. Our Ape Calessino tours are perfect for small groups and offer a personalized experience as you visit hidden gems and historic landmarks.

Boat Cruises
Set sail on a luxurious boat cruise and explore the Amalfi Coast from a unique perspective. Our boat cruises offer the ultimate in relaxation and adventure, with stops at beautiful coastal towns, secluded beaches, and famous attractions like the Emerald Grotto and Li Galli islands. Enjoy the crystal-clear waters, sunbathe on deck, and indulge in delicious onboard refreshments.

Beachside Dinners
End your day in paradise with an exquisite beachside dinner. Our dining experiences are set on some of the most beautiful beaches along the Amalfi Coast, offering the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or a special celebration. Savor authentic Italian cuisine, freshly prepared by local chefs, as you watch the sun set over the sea and listen to the gentle waves lapping the shore.

Join us for a Dolce Vita tour and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re riding a Vespa, cruising in an Ape Calessino, sailing on a boat, or dining on the beach, the Amalfi Coast’s beauty and charm will captivate you.