The terrace to infinity

Positioned at 350 meters above sea level, a few minutes from Amalfi, Ravello is one of the pearls of the Amalfi Coast and Campania.

Ravello is a small but lively city listed in the Unesco world heritage since 1996 and its history is very particular.

It was founded slightly behind the coast as a safe haven against barbarians and a settlement of Roman colonists fleeing the barbarian invasions.
But only after the barbarian invasions that Ravello has become a very important city in the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

Ravello prospered rapidly thanks to the spinning of the wool called “Celendra” and in the 11th century it tried to dissolve his ties with the Maritime Republic of Amalfi by appointing his own duke.

Its decline began with the Norman conquest and gradually over the centuries Ravello, which had reached around 36,000 inhabitants in 1200, lost more and more population and in the early 1800s was aggregated to the diocese of Amalfi.

This decline, however, did not affect its beauty at all, rather it transformed it into a dream destination for intellectuals, artists, famous people who inevitably remained bewitched by this place on the Amalfi Coast.

In fact, it is still considered a romantic place and ideal destination for artists and writers, guests of major cultural events such as the Ravello Festival and chamber concerts organized by the Ravello Concert Society.

Called “terrace to infinity”, Ravello has been home to illustrious names in the music field such as Wagner, Grieg, Rostropovich, Toscanini, Bernstein, in the field of painting such as Escher, Turner, Mirò and also great writers from Lawrence to Forster to Virginia Wolf.

Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone

Villa Rufolo is a building within the historic center of Ravello, a town in the province of Salerno, southern Italy, which overlooks the front of the cathedral square. The initial layout dates from the 13th century, with extensive remodeling in the 19th century.

Villa Cimbrone is a historic building in Ravello, on the Amalfi coast of southern Italy. Dating from at least the 11th century AD, it is famous for its scenic belvedere, the Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (the Terrace of Infinity).

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