The Pearl of the Amalfi Coast

Positano is undoubtedly the pearl of the Amalfi Coast.

Over the years it has become a very popular tourist destination.

In fact Its typical urban conformation, perched on the Lattari Mountains, the narrow and steep streets full of shops and cafes and to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta with its majolica dome, give an unforgettable landscape.

Wonderful is the hiking path Sentiero degli Dei thanks to which you can walk to the inner villages of Nocelle and Agerola, passing the majestic Monte Pertuso, along breathtaking panoramic routes.

The History of Positano

Founded in the 9th century around a Benedictine abbey and subsequently enlarged with the arrival of the inhabitants of Paestum, terrified of the Saracen raids on the Amalfi Coast.

In 1200 it was hit by looting by the Pisans, therefore it decided to change its defensive urban layout with narrow streets, houses climbing on the rock, fortifications and watchtowers.

For this reason Positano has a typical architecture of the Amalfi Coast where military needs have imposed stairways, arcades, underpasses and narrow alleys that are easily defensible.

Today they have become home to small shops where the best of Positano fashion is offered, typical products of the local gastronomy in where lemon occupies a place of honor and where expert craftsmen create personalized flip flops and clogs.

The name of the town is attributed to the legend of the Madonna Coming from the Sea. Tradition that is still handed down today with celebrations of the Madonna dell’Assunta every 15 August.

The legend tells of the merchant boat that could not reach the sea until a voice coming from the effigy of the Madonna dell’Assunta said the words “Posa, Posa”.

The sailors took the picture and left it on the beach as requested and only then did they manage to leave.

Just off Positano it is possible to admire Li Galli, three islets that make up the sirenuse on which there are remains of an ancient Roman residence that today belonged to the dancer Nureyev.

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