Washington Post Report

"Italyโ€™s Amalfi Coast is getting a new airport this summer"

Adrea Sachs, interviewed our Salerno Incoming chief executive Marco Ferrara regarding the upcoming opening of the Salerno Costa D’Amalfi airport

So the States are closer, or at least feels closer to dream places: above all, for them, the Americans, the Amalfi Coast which has always been a destination for many American tourists.

Salerno Amalfi Coast Airport, in fact, has already taken off given that even the Washington Post, one of the most authoritative newspapers in the States, dedicates a large page to the Salerno airport.

An extraordinary development opportunity for our territories – the President of the Campania Region, De Luca, rightly reiterates proudly – but also an opportunity not to be missed for the many Americans who are thinking of a trip to Italy and who have already the Amalfi coast and the Sorrento coast are included among the stops, but they will also have the opportunity to be amazed at the sight of a Cilento coast waiting to be explored and experienced.

For the Washington Post, a strategically fundamental airport also because it is alternative and complementary to the Neapolitan one.

In short, July is already shaping up to be the month of turning point, the decisive one, for a sector, tourism, which only lacked the wings to fly.

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